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The company supplies and supports eGauge and provides large-scale solar power station facilitation.


Energy Automation Pty Ltd

(EA) ABN 25 166 258 000

In addition to being the official Australian distributor for eGauge, EA personnel have extensive relevant expertise and experience with 100kW+ to large-scale (MW+) solar power station assessment, design, engineering and construction together with peak demand energy reduction for businesses.

….we provide expert unbiased advice

EAprovides a full feasibility service, including electrical engineering and complete financial structuring solutions for large scale (>100kW) solar power stations



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A military electrical and mechanical engineering background followed by extensive experience in the licensed public investment & construction management sector, led in the 2000s to consultation for the introduction of organic solar power into Australia.
This was the catalyst to the 2009 manufacturing of sun tracking solar cell concentrators, the 2011-2013 supply of integrated solar and base load power for manufacturers, and to the monitoring specialist, EnergyAutomation

Clive has a distinguished solar-based career centred in the UK, but with worldwide reach. He has worked with Pat O`Dea since 2009. Clives expertise has, in addition to hands-on operations in Australia, been utilised in concert with Pat in the UK, Malaysia, Thailand and the USA. Domiciled in the UK, Clive represents EA and provides major solar power plant designsupport for EA

BILL BRAZIER Specialist Electrical Engineer
Bill is an electrical engineer with over 30 years experience in the renewable power industry. His focus with EA is on the design and installation of largersolar power stations. His qualifications include a UQ Master of Engineering, QITTechnology Management, CEC Accreditation Design, Install & Supervise and Registered Professional Engineer Queensland(RPEQ), among others.

TONY LIEVESLEY Project Manager
Tony has 30 years experience in the electrical industry covering, mining, commercial, industrial and residential. He is qualified for and highly experienced in both PV Grid Connect Solar and SPS Stand Alone Systems, and is completing a Bachelor of Renewable Energy. His standing in the renewable industry sees him regularly engaged in Government Solar Supervisory roles.

Graeme is a highly experienced and regarded CPA, Forensic Accountant and Company Director.


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A 150kW solar power station ready for the solar panels to be fitted…May2017, and construction completed July 17


Beginning construction of solar panels on industrial building DJI_0235-300x168Solar panel array completed on industrial building

Some shots of 100kW projects completed in 2012/13 under the then operative Manufacturer`s Grants scheme



Closeups of solar panels on industrial building roof Closeups of solar panels on industrial building roof - another angle Closeups of solar panels on industrial building roof - third angle