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Energy Automation stocks, distributes and supports the eGauge for professional standard monitoring at Australia’s best prices

The eGauge is used for GRID & SOLAR monitoring…residential & commercial

What is it?

The eGauge is value packed web-based meter used to monitor electricity usage and renewable energy production through various data in domestic, commercial, industrial and municipal settings. The meter is able to store data for up to three decades and uses an in-built online server to provide FREE access to the data. The eGauge isdesigned to measure a huge variety of power applications, including building demand and consumption, air conditioning, battery storage, net renewable energy production and more.

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only the eGauge energy monitor ticks ALL these boxes:

  • Monitors and records all power, up to three phases, from 0.5A to 4800A, 12 sub circuits and >64 sub registers, and makes the data available via a built-in web-server for viewing and management on desktops, laptops and mobiles.
  • NO ONGOING FEES….upgrades free
  • Has revenue standard (0.5%) monitoring accuracy
  • Permits individual circuit billing peak load warning and alerts individual circuit monitoring cost control by active management.
  • Is ideal for larger residential and all commercial applications from single to multiple sub circuit monitoring e.g. solar, air conditioning, motors, machinery, peak demand, power factor etc
  • By installing a dynamic eGauge monitoring system, the design data needed to engineer or manage energy usage and the preservation of optimal equipment service life will be at hand.
  • Has WiFi capability: a cellular router can connect your eGauge to a cellular network.
  • Is installed in over 40,000 locations worldwide.
  • Is straightforward to install, and the sophisticated outputs are presented in a simple to use format summarised on the main dashboard screen
  • Capacity to ‘drill down and zero in’ for dashboard screen viewing or data as required.
  • Has individual circuit monitoring via channel checker
  • Has downloadable data capability for any chosen time blockfor checking bills and developing graphs as required.
  • Is suitable from hi-end residential through to complex commercial / industrial deployment
  • Is a standout for hi-accuracy monitoring $ value

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Some Australian Sites

Commercial Site manages rented sub units

Residential Site 5kW solar + high usage

School Site has 5 eGauges attached

Once a second, eGauge updates the following quantities:

  • Linefrequencyin Hertz (one measurement).
  • True RMSvoltagein Volts (one measurement per voltage tap).
  • True RMScurrentin Ampres (one measurement per CT).
  • Real powerin Watts (one measurement per voltage/current pair defined in the device configuration).
  • Apparent powerin VA (one measurement per voltage/current pair defined in the device configuration).
  • Power factor(one measurement per voltage/current pair defined in the device configuration).”Data is hosted on the eGauge websiteFOR FREEthrough a robust web hosting page.

Some USA sites:

160kW solar only

200kW usage + recent solar

70kW usage + solar

Commercial & Residential Monitoring Applications

EG3000 — Ethernet
eguage device
Preferred for its adaptability in both industrial and commercial settings where it is desirable for a network connection to be hardwired. SMS and email alerts can be configured by the user to respond instantly with demanding equipment loads with the ability to regulate peak demand through live updates. Loads up to 3 phase 277/480 Vrms and 4800A can be measured and analysed, and enjoy simple installation around parallel feeds and bus-bars with the 6 inch flexible rope CTs (RCT-1800-COIL).

More Information

EG3010 — Ethernet and HomePlug AV
eGuage device and Homeplug AV
Popular for its capability to use existing electrical wiring to broadcast data signals in a domestic context. Known as a power-line communication” system, it can lower costs by removing the installation of new wires. Our standout value devices these instruments can record lighting, hot water heater, HVAC, main feeds, solar production, battery storage and production, entertainment, sump pump, pool pump and oven, all the in the convenience of one system. Monitoring your supply and demand of energy has been reinvented with the EG3010.
A HomePlug Adapter is not included but is available for the EG3010.

A HomePlug Adapter is not included but is available for the EG3010.

YES! we can assist with advice for your application of a single or multiple eGauges

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More Information

With the ability to measure up to 12 circuits on up to 3-phases (120V-480V, 60-60Hz), the e-Gauge is capable of recording, monitoring, measuring and analysing data in relation to consumption, storage, generation and more to give you a comprehensive look at your electrical power needs. As all data is presented online, it can be accessed in real-time by devices with access to the internet. Using a high-speed SSD, data can be accessed from up to 30 years ago and accessed through BACnet and Modbus or pushed to a server. The new eGauge devices boast 1% and 0.5% Revenue Grade Accuracy Compliance for solar PV systems, sub-metering and utility billing.

eGuage system map

The latest version includes Revenue Grade Accuracy Compliance to assist with billing accuracy for utilities and accurate records of energy and power usage. There are two high accuracy models available (ANSI-C12.1 [1%] and ANSI-C12.20 [0.5%]) available.

Our eGauge devices pay for themselves by enabling identification of savings on energy and power consumption.

Save Money

Record and reproduce all your consumption data, verify your energy accounts levied to help you minimise and maintain control of your monthly bills.

Identify and manage Peak Demand events

This detailed monitoring is vital for users in an industrial or commercial setting. With real-time updates on all data, you can keep an eye on usage and minimise peak demand.

Keep track of the energy outputs from any location

Because the eGauge monitoring system stores data on the web, its easy for you to access any information you need from home, work or on the road so that you can stay informed.

Installers of renewable energy systems can effectively observe all systems in one convenient program and be aware of any issues as they happen.

Record data from individual circuits, appliances and motors

With just one of our eGauge devices, you can link up to a dozen separate circuits for detailed monitoring of each appliance. If you link multiple eGauges with one another, you can have virtually unlimited capability to monitor rooms, appliances and other individual loads separately.

Metering Capabilities

Each and every channel used for measurement is sampled many thousands of times by your eGauge devices to give an accurate calculation of real power (what you are billed for by utilities), apparent power, True RMS voltage, and current. The simultaneous sampling and high frequency enable the eGauge monitoring software to establish the phase-relationship between the voltage and current channels and subsequently detect which direction power is flowing (e.g., from house to grid and vice versa, when power is being used, when more renewable energy is being produced than consumed).

eGauge provides monitoring for the following quantities:

  • Line frequency in Hertz (one measurement).
  • True RMS voltage in Volts (one measurement per voltage tap).
  • True RMS current in Ampres (one measurement per CT).
  • Real power in Watts (one measurement per voltage/current pair defined in the device configuration).
  • Apparent power in VA (one measurement per voltage/current pair defined in the device configuration).
  • Power factor (one measurement per voltage/current pair defined in the device configuration).

The online interface of the eGauge shows real-time updates on this data through the channel checker (Tools/Channel Checker).

The Web Interface

Our eGauge devices use an intuitive interface to display the most relevant information as clearly and simply as possible in combination with a live, high-res graph for easy monitoring:

egauge kiosk SSI snapshot

The left side of the graph shows recently recorded data (most recent 24 hours in the example above), while the right side is updated with current consumption (red) and generation (green) every second. In this instance, the solar system was generating 7742 watts of power while the home had a total consumption of 1478 Watts. The red and green lines on the graph represent total consumption and generation respectively, while the red and green shaded areas show energy consumed and put back into the grid.

Customer Views

The view of the data can be changed with the simple tap of the “View” link located at the top right of the screen. Choosing the kiosk view will enable a passive display that cycles through three different screens over time, showing total generation of renewable energy, generation since midnight, and a basic version of the data presented on the home screen.

By choosing the sleek kiosk view, your eGauge devices give you a snapshot of the past three days on the one screen with comparison values. While the default setting shows a summary over three days, you can change the preferences to show data over a different length of time along with other customisable options.

egauge kiosk SSI snapshot 2

Web-based Configuration

The eGauge is designed to be highly adaptable, and almost every feature can be adjusted through the online interface. A password is required for security purposes when making any changes to the interface.

The installation screen is shown in the following screenshot, which defines what kind of CTs are connected to the eGauge, what energy data (Registers) to record, and how total consumption and generation are to be calculated:

egauge settings screen