Solar/battery storage system

Battery storage is in play!

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To offset above average residential or small commercial power usage:

  • Properly balancedinverters/batteries can deliver power (e.g.up to 12kW continuous, and ‘peak load’ offset capability up to 36kW), and in the event of an excess of solar availability i.e. batteries full, the energy can be diverted into the hot water as thermal storage, or other designated energy repository. ‘Black out’ operation also¬†available.

12kW system price point for 5kW solar panels + inverter + batteries ; approx $14,000…..less for lower kW

Significantly larger kW capabilities are available for commercial application in peak demand management.

If you have an solar system and are NOT receiving any or inadequate feed back payments:

  • There is a capabilityto ‘add on’ a specifically designed system to store surplus solar energy for non-solartime use.
    This is a ‘plug and play’ install that does not impact on existing solar installations.
  • ‘Load following’ inverters deliver restricted power in lock step with your usage i.e. solar/batteries provide power as you need it, then recharge batteries. Can be designed to cover 24 hrs or designated time blocks…useful for ‘time of use’ tariffs.
  • Generally 3-5kW solar power with circa 20kWh storage at 100% charge

Thereis NO ONE SIZE fits all!

96/48 Volt system…192 Ah or up to 840Ah….AGM or Li or Vanadium batteries?….we can assist.

However with the eGauge there is no guessworkas you can be precise with both capacity assessment and ongoing monitoring

Active management via the eGauge enables significant savings thereby increasing the investment return on the energy storage system.

  • These systems can be supplied in total or retro fitted using existing solar panels.
  • Warranties on all elements of the system.
  • High capacity commercial inverters in the pipeline for peak load control battery storage.

AGM batteries are recommended for deployment now, but the inverters are able to accommodate lithium iron batteries when the Li technology has proved itself in terms of efficiency under local conditions, safety and price.