Home Energy Monitoring Systems that keep you informed

Australia’s sun is shining, you’ve got the solar panels on the roof and you’ve got a battery for overnight. You’re set, right? well maybe!….. make sure your investment is still paying dividends with the eGauge from Energy Automation.

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Control and management is impossible without monitoring. Keep abreast of how your home is using and generating electricity and be able to make smarter, more agile decisions about your energy generation and consumption with our power monitoring system. Solar panels underperforming this month? why? the eGauge will allow you to get onto any deviation in outputs quickly thereby saving money….and things happen over the many years the solar will be in place.

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The eGauge isn’t just for short-term decisions. Over time batteries lose capacity as they undergo more and more charge cycles (using any amount of energy contained in the battery and then refilling it). Know as this commences, rather than later when remedies are not available. Save yourself money and know to have the battery serviced now instead of in a year’s time with a monitoring system.


eGauge is an affordable, flexible, secure, web-based electric energy and power meter that can measure up to 12 circuits on up to 3-phases (120Vāˆ’480V, 50āˆ’60Hz). Use it to measure and record total building electrical consumption, solar, wind, consumption of individual circuits, such as appliances or geothermal system pumps, batteries and motors.

You may find a monitor that provides the eGauge capability but it will be much more expensive, and you will find many that provide no proper energy management data at a lesser price, but you will find NONE that provide the balance of performance and cost as does the eGauge.
This is an INVESTMENT. What gets measured improves!

Energy Automation is the leading supplier of US-produced eGauge power home energy monitoring systems in Australia. We have been providing Australian home owners and landlords with an easy, visual representation of their energy usage and production for years. The first time our customers look at a report from the eGauge, something clicks into place; they are beginning to form an idea of how their lives affect their power usage.

We believe if both industrial and residential property owners better understood their power usage, they would be able to reduce it. Take the first step to saving money by installing an eGauge. Call Energy Automation’s Queensland office today on 0416 188 490.