There are seven eGauge models available from

$590+ GST

for bulk commercial purchases

eGauge EG3000 / EG3010 Ethernet enabled monitors provide1% accuracy as standard,with 0.5% revenue standard available up to 3 phases, 12 sub circuits and 64 sub registers.
Both have a built in web server for simple remote viewing and control and provides excellent surveillance and reporting capability.
The EG3010 has the ability to broadcast a data signal over the existing electrical wiring in a residence or small commercial space, this power-line communication unit can reduce cost by eliminating time spent running new wires.

eGauge device

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There are seven eGauge models available from $590+ GST

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Speciality Grade 1% linear accuracy CTs

JD_CT_familypower rope



To ORDER or for more info: Either send an email or call Pat 0416188490



Up to 600Amp 50mm” split-core CT

Widely used in commercial applications for Phase measurement. For sub circuits, 100A or 50A CTs are generally used.


6″ self-powered rope CT w/8′ cable
(includes 2-pin CT plug)
**minimum load 50A** to 4800A

This caters for wider bus bars and/or higher amperages.The measurement capability ranges from a minimum of 50A up to 4800A


Extra 2-pin CT plug

To enable the addition of longer cabling, however all CTs supplied come ready for direct attachment to the eGauge

HomePlug AV wall adapter

HomePlug AV wall-adapter
with’ Ethernet cable for EG3010.

Plug into a power socket and connect to your modem via the supplied Ethernet cable. It then picks up the eGauge signals over the same circuit line and transfers them to your modem.


DC Current Transducer –
CR 5220-300-12V Closed DC CT .79 in
w/power supply

For professional scale battery DC measurement

Extended Warranty –

From 2 yrs to 5 yrs

BF-430 RS-485 to Ethernet Converter(EA1000)

Convert RS-485 serial communication from approved third-party devices to Ethernet for integration as aremote registeron the eGauge configuration page.