I have a 5kW solar/battery system that supplements my home use. The eGauge enables me to identify and measure the energy usage, and to adjust it.

The eGauge provides exactly what I need to manage my systems and to check on bills received from the distributor. It has also demonstrated the benefits of increasing my solar capacity

Rob M – Electrician

The company has deployed an eGauge to run continual surveillance on the operation for our vital air conditioning and three solar systems.

It has proved invaluable in the management of our power, and in the sophisticated reporting capability and identification of cost saving areas

Fruit Producer

We installed a solar/battery system but were dubious about the benefit. An eGauge was also installed and the information provided by it has convinced us, not only of the value of the eGauge, but that we need to expand our solar and storage. We face time of use tariffs so we need to be as efficient as possible in when we use grid power. The eGauge has been a perfect tool for us

Mark M – Company Director

We recently purchased a home that was off grid. While the systems were some 5 years old, they were providing power, but we had no way of identifying the precise solar production and the charging/discharging characteristics for the storage system. We installed an eGauge and connected the multiple circuits, and it has provided excellent information that has enabled us to identify and correct faults and adjust usage. It is also fun to operate and we display on a screen in the outdoors area, the live feed from the eGauge

Steve S – Pilot

We had 6kW of solar fitted together plusĀ a 96V 192 AH battery system and an eGauge. Since commissioning (10 weeks ago) we have used 1.14MW but generated 1.02MW at a net cost to us of $27.95

Retirees Oxenford Qld

The company is developing a battery storage inverter integrated with a new solar panel, which is projected to provide a substantial cost advantage over current systems. We needed to measure and record the exhaustive testing process and looked extensively for a suitable monitoring device. The eGauge stood out with its claimed performance, and upon installing two of them, we were more than pleased with the capability and performance and the revenue grade data being available for 30 years

Geoff H –

AES was comissioned to conduct a study that evaluated the integration of solar and bio fuel for abattoirs. The eGauge played a significant role in the measurement and management of data for this program

AES PTY LTD Renewable Engineering